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Jan. 6 committee lays out a clear case against Trump : NPR

The committee investigating the January 6th attack debuts in prime time with damning testimony; the House passes gun...

Biden aimed to band with South America but some countries were left out of the summit : NPR

President Biden wanted to reset the U.S. relationship with its closest neighbors at a splashy meeting in Los...

Jan. 6 committee chair Rep. Bennie Thompson discusses upcoming hearings

Scott Simon talks with Rep. Bennie Thompson about the Jan. 6 hearings. The Mississippi Democrat chairs the committee investigating the attack on the Capitol.

Major broadcasters aired the Jan. 6 committee hearings live. Fox News did not

We look at how Fox News covered the first of the Jan. 6 committee hearings, which it did not air live. The network chose...

March For Our Lives rallies across the U.S. call for gun control

'March for Our Lives' rallies happen in Washington and other cities this weekend, focusing on the people and the communities affected by gun violence,...

Biden to be briefed on wildfires in New Mexico

President Biden visits New Mexico today to get a briefing on wildfires. The governor and many locals are upset that the largest was started...

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