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New Cinema Room Installed at Jigsaw Children’s Hospice in Carlisle

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Every once in a while, a project is presented to Majik House which immediately strikes a chord with us and the rewards for which are more than money can ever remunerate. From the end of 2021 and through the early spring of 2022, and amongst our existing client projects, Majik House have been involved in a very special new cinema room commission for Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice in Carlisle.

New cinema room at children's hospice, Carlisle, Cumbria, by Majik House and Together for CinemaFounded in 1991 as part of Eden Valley Hospice, Jigsaw Children’s Hospice provide essential support to children and young adults in the county with life limiting conditions, an invaluable service which provides one-to-one care for these young people and extends to supporting their families.

Tim Burrow, Managing Director at Majik House: “The initial enquiry came via Together For Cinema, a brilliant and quite inspirational not-for-profit organisation who design and install cinemas for children’s hospices and other such deserving venues across the UK.”

“Since founding in 2009, Together For Cinema has created 32 good cause cinema rooms which would normally have cost in the region of £700,000, and which have brought immense pleasure to so many young people. Since March 2020 Ian Morrish has committed full time to the cause and there will be lots more cinema room installations to follow.”

“For Jigsaw, we were approached to install and manage the cinema project and, hand on heart, were both delighted to have been asked and honoured to be part of such a worthwhile endeavour.”

“The location for the new cinema at the hospice is a fairly compact and modest space of 5.5m by 4.5m. After initial review of the scheme, it became clear that we had quite a challenge on our hands. In something of a ‘perfect storm’, the schedule of works required would fall at the same time as a number of existing projects that we were committed to, but saying no to either paying clients or the guys at Jigsaw was never an option.”

Ian Morrish, Together for Cinema’s founder, had visited Jigsaw in Carlisle and briefed Majik House on the purpose of this cinema room and the needs of those who would be using it in the years ahead.

Once the design and specification of the cinema, audio and lighting were agreed, all materials efficiently sourced by Together for Cinema with the generosity of some of the leading suppliers in the UK’s AV industry such as Habitech, Snap One, Monitor Audio, Redline, Penn Elcom and HD Anywhere.

For any items that couldn’t be sourced, Majik House stepped forward to complete the shopping list with items for the cinema’s lighting and additional Control 4 equipment.

The equipment used and specification for the cinema room at Jigsaw is as follows, along  with the companies who kindly donated the products:

  • 1x Projector Ceiling Mount (Invision)
  • Velodyne Mirovee Subwoofer (Redline)
  • Epson EHTW910 4k HDR Projector (Epson)
  • Monitor Audio C280 Ceiling Speakers (Monitor Audio)
  • AVR Denon AVCX3700 Home Cinema Receiver (Denon)
  • Sony BDP180 Blueray DVD Player (Sony)
  • 20m LED Strip Lighting (Majik House)
  • MAJ040 Fixed Dimmable LED Ceiling Downlights (Majik House)
  • MAJ046 LED Low-level LED Wall Lights (Majik House)
  • HDMI Cable and Speaker Cable (One AV)
  • Starscape Ceiling Effect (Starscape)
  • Floor Rack with Shelves and Cooling Fan (Penn Elcom)
  • Control4 EA1 Controller, Remote and Port Network Switches (SnapOne)
  • Control4 Dual Dimmer Switch (Majik House)
  • 16:9 Projecta Fixed Frame Projector Screen with UHD 4K fabric (Legrand)
  • AppleTV (Majik House)

Tim and daughter Autumn headed-up the Majik House side of this very special project, with the partnership of newest team member Ryan, accompanied by Zac, one of our most experienced programmers and installation engineers, working on-site.

Autumn Burrow, Trainee Manager at Majik House: “Zac and Ryan worked so fast on this project, completing the first fix, second fix and commissioning all in one week!”

“That’s not to say the project was unnecessarily rushed or any corners cut, they both just pulled out all the stops to meet what was quite a tight deadline. There were just a few minor tweaks post-commissioning in the following week and then all was ready to be fully enjoyed by the young people at the hospice.”

“All of us at Majik House consider this to be one of the most rewarding projects to have been involved with. The care provided for these young people by the incredible team at Jigsaw is something we can all agree is nothing short of amazing and seeing the kind and considerate support they afford these children… well, it puts a new perspective on all of our lives.”

“Once again, we’d like to thank Ian and Together For Cinema for inviting Majik House to be part of this project. Being able to work in collaboration with other leading names from the AV sector for those in need is something which we are proud to say we have been involved in.” 



Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice, provides day-to day-care, support and activities to children and young people living with a life limiting conditions. Their care is provided in a home from home setting and each young person’s care is personalised towards their own needs.

Their ethos is to work in partnership with the children and young adults, their family, carers and other professional, aim to maintain the children and young adult’s normal routine and make each stay as special and as enjoyable as possible.


Together For Cinema is an AV industry good cause enterprise acting as a conduit between the consumer electronics and custom integration communities, and not-for-profit charitable activities.

Founded in 2009 by Ian Morrish, Together For Cinema’s key focus is on designing and installing home cinema rooms in children’s hospices and other suitable locations across the UK. These installed entertainment rooms not only benefit children and young adults, but also their families, carers, staff and volunteers.


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